The Stamp Your Feet Story

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Baby Footprint Kit - The Beginning

Stamp Your Feet is a boutique artisan business, creating unique handmade baby footprint kit artworks from your baby's first footprints.

On the arrival of his first child in 1981, Queensland based potter Steve Bishopric stamped his son Renton's feet in a freshly made clay plate and started a family tradition that is now second generation. In 2009 and now 28 years old, Renton Bishopric started Stamp Your Feet. With his friends spread out all over the world, Renton had been trying to find a way to make it possible to take his friends' baby's footprints in clay and so developed a packaging system that allowed for safe postage.

This system has been continually refined since, and today our unique do-it-yourself baby footprint impression kits are designed to allow you to create a permanent impression of your babies feet in stone, together with your family in the comfort of your own home, and at a time that suits you.

We produce Stamp Your Feet products on site at our studio which is located in the Byfield mountains on the Capricorn Coast, Queensland Australia and sell through our online shop, as well as both locally and nationally at markets and retail outlets. When we're not working on Stamp Your Feet we are usually making other functional domestic ceramic wares and artworks.

We love providing a personal service to new parents and families and sharing the excitement of your babies arrival.