The Stamp Your Feet Team

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Renton Bishopric

Founder of Stamp Your Feet, Artist, Web Developer and Studio Cleaner....sometimes!

Renton is a practising ceramic artist with a love for creating. He spent 10 years training and refining his skills as a production potter in his 20's, before shifting his focus to Stamp Your Feet in 2009. Since then he has created 100's of baby footprint impressions for families all over Australia, and a national online market for Stamp Your Feet's unique handmade baby footprint artworks.

When he is not in his studio creating things, you will usually find him at the beach enjoying the outdoors, or dreaming up a new campaign to protect the environment! 


Head of Security 

We are not entirely sure what Gypsy is, although we're pretty sure she's a dog. What we do know is that she takes her role at Stamp Your Feet very seriously. The fact that you will never hear her bark is actually her most efficient security tactic. She watches, analyses and attacks any white fluffy dog that comes too close to our markets stalls!!