Gift Ideas

Baby Feet are a unique baby gift idea

Most new parents cannot resist making some sort of special keepsake of their baby feet. There are many baby feet products on the market to choose from including baby feet castings, baby feet molds, baby feet impressions in clay and more. There are also various materials that you can use to do this such as clay, ink, plaster, and metal. It is important to think about which type of product you will use to make your baby feet artwork and whether you would like to create something that will last forever, as some materials are not permanent like ink on paper or plaster castings.

Baby Feet Keepsakes that are easy to do

New parents are very busy and need a quick and easy way to make a keepsake of their baby's feet. Stamp Your Feet do-it-yourself kits are the perfect, mess-free, no fuss way to make baby feet artworks. The kits come packaged ready to go with soft, 100% natural clay. All you have to do is remove the lid, press your baby's feet gently into the clay's surface, replace the lid and post back to us for completion. No paint, no plaster, no mess. You don't even have to take the clay out of the container, it's all there, ready for your use and takes only a few minutes.

Baby Feet Keepsakes that will last

Regardless of whether you choose to make baby feet molds in plaster, baby feet castings in metal, ink on paper baby footprints or make a clay footprint impression, you need to consider how you will display your finished baby feet artwork. Are you making this just for now or are you making something with the intention of keeping it for a lifetime, or even through the generations? The Stamp Your Feet finished baby feet product is designed not only with timeless style in mind but also durability. We fire the clay to a high temperature so that they are vitrified which means they are turned to stone. There are clay tablets still in existence from ancient times that have lasted throughout the ages as mementos of times gone by, your baby's footprints will last just as long. The clay tablet is finished in a durable frame that will protect the precious baby feet and make it unlikely that they will break if they are dropped. It is suitable for wall mounting or free standing display and will suit all tastes and decor styles.

Create a Baby Feet Keepsake in your own home

With this product, you can make your baby feet artwork in your own home, at a time that suits you and your baby. Avoid the hassles of having to organise a time for someone to come to your house to make baby feet castings or baby feet molds. No need to make appointments, no need to interrupt your schedule, simply order a Stamp Your Feet kit online and have it on hand ready to go.

Personalised Baby Gifts

Our DIY Baby Footprint Kit is the perfect unique baby gift idea for many occasions. From a Baby Shower through to a Christening or First Birthday.